Discussion Agenda for ALA Midwinter 2010

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Video Round Table: Digital Media Discussion Group (VRT-DMDG)

Saturday, January 16, 2009, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM Location: Seaport Hotel-Constitution

Convener: Carleton Jackson, University of Maryland

Topic: Recipes for Streaming Media: Ingredients and Menus

Please consider attending the VRT DMDG in Boston. This hopefully will be an active discussion to identify the “meat and potatoes” of digital streaming as being served by libraries today.

We are asking digital service chefs from all types of institutions to come and talk about their streaming cuisine. And we also are hoping that budding digital chefs will come with questions and suggest their own tasty ideas.

By the end of the discussion banquet we hope to have a shopping list of ingredients that can or must be considered when planning, cooking and serving streaming video.

In preparation for the discussion please consider the ingredients below and the relevance to what you have done or would like to do in the future. At the meeting please be able to share what you believe is important to the group, your specialties and what successes you have had so far.

Some ingredients to discuss:

Authorization, Bandwith, Color Depth, Commercial components, Content, Copyright, Costs, Delivery options, Digital encoding formats, Download video, Electronic Reserves, Encoding parameters, Frame rate, Home grown solutions, Hosted Streaming, Image size, Media players, Network systems, Policies, Resolution, Security, Servers, Shared Streaming, Streaming formats, Streaming parameters, Streaming video, Subscription Services, Video capture, ...and more!

The details of the discussion will be added to this Video Round Table Wiki. Please contact your discussion maître d’hôtel at: carleton@umd.edu

--Carleton 09:37, 13 January 2010 (PST)