Meeting Agenda for ALA Annual 2008

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VRT Executive Board and Membership Meeting

1.) Call to Order
a. Congratulations to the new Executive Board members

  • Johan Oberg, Vice Chair/Chair Elect, 2008-2009
  • Meghann Matwichuk, Secretary 2008-2010
  • Sarah Beasley, Treasurer 2008-2010

3.) Additions to Meeting Agenda
4.) Minutes from the Midwinter meeting, Reading & Approval – Barb Bergman
5.) Treasurer’s Report – Mary Konkel
6.) Reports from Standing Committees:

a. Publications / Communications – Justin Wadland, other?

i. VRT Communications Committee-Discussion of membership and charge

ii. Items related to VRT website

  • Transition of VRT Webmaster to Eric Pasteur
  • VRT wiki discussion (How best to use it?)
  • YouTube Video Welcome from Chair (What do people think?)

b. Gala committee – Mary Konkel

c. Bylaws – Carleton Jackson

d. Program committee – Claire Stewart

e. Notable Videos for Adults – Meghann Matwichuk

f. Membership – Steve Brantley (for Maureen Tripp)

7.)Old Business

a. Digital Media Discussion Group – Meghann Matwichuk

b. Copyright and Fair Use for Media Librarians – Carleton Jackson, Nell Chenault

8.) New Business:

a. Program 2009 -

b. Executive Board Meetings between conferences – Justin Wadland

c. Scheduled committee meetings during annual and midwinter, and quarterly reports to executive board.

Bylaws, Article V. section 4: "Working meetings of all standing VRT Committees shall take place during the Midwinter Conference of the ALA. Special committees or special meetings of standing committees shall meet at the discretion of their chair."

9. Liaison Reports as available
ACRL ARTS FABS: Kris Brancolini

ACRL ARTS: TBA volunteers?

ACRL Media Discussion Group: Johan Oberg

Advocacy: Gary Handman

ALA BARC: Mary Konkel

ALA Copyright & Committee on Information Commons: Howard Besser

ALA Intellectual Freedom: Cecilia Hurt

ALA Liaison(s): (non-voting member) Danielle M. Alderson

ALA RTCA: Justin Wadland

ALCTS PARS: TBA volunteers?

Consortium of College and University Media Center (CCUMC): Alan Rough

IFLA Audiovisual and Multimedia Section: Howard Besser 2007-2011

National Media Market Carleton Jackson

NMRT: Mary C. Aagard,

Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC): Mary Konkel

PLA AV Liaison: Adele Bellinger

SSRT: TBA volunteers?

YALSA Select Films for Young Adults: Jim Scholtz

Upcoming ALA Conferences and Meetings:

2009 Midwinter Meeting, Denver, CO: Jan 23–28, 2009

2009 Annual Conference, Chicago, IL: July 9–15, 2009
2010 Midwinter Meeting, Boston, MA: Jan. 15–20, 2010
2010 Annual Conference, Washington, DC: June 24–30, 2010
2011 Midwinter Meeting, San Diego, CA: Jan. 7–12, 2011
2011 Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA: June 23–29, 2011
2012 Midwinter Meeting, Dallas, TX: Jan. 20–Jan. 25, 2012
2012 Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA: June 21–27, 2012
2013 Midwinter Meeting, Seattle, WA: January 25-30, 2013
2013 Annual Conference, Washington, D: June 20-26, 2013
2014 Midwinter Meeting, Philadelphia, PA: January 24-29, 2014
2014 Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV: June 26-July 2, 2014