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Treasurer's Report

Treasurer: Sarah Beasley


Topics to Discuss:

Reports from Chairs of Standing VRT Committees


Chair: Richard Leigh


Topics to Discuss:


Chair: Mary S. Konkel


2009 ALA Video Round Table Gala

WHEN: Sunday July 12, 2009 from 6:30-9:30 p.m.

WHERE: Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago

WHAT: Film highlights from the PBS American Masters Series with insights from producers/directors/writers Nancy Porter, Harriet Reisen and Laurie Block

COST: $25 for VRT members & students; $30 for non-members

Tickets on sale through ALA 2009 Annual Registration or contact Mary Konkel, VRT Gala Chair at konkel@cod.edu or 630-942-2662. Seating is limited to 200 attendees.

Join VRT and fellow film and media aficionados for a delightful evening at the Gene Siskel Film Center located in downtown Chicago at 164 North State Street (State & Lake), across the street from the Chicago Theater and within walking distance from several conference hotels.

AMERICAN MASTERS is an ongoing series of award-winning specials examining the lives, works, and creative processes of our most outstanding cultural artists. Without art we would, as a society, lack a soul and a voice. AMERICAN MASTERS exists to give life to that voice. Directors from the series will share their work and provide insight into the art of filmmaking as biography. A recently produced film on Louisa May Alcott and a work-in-progress on Helen Keller will be showcased. Speakers: Nancy Porter, producer/director and Harriet Reisen, producer/writer of AMERICAN MASTERS Louisa May Alcott: The Woman behind Little Women and Laurie Block, director/co-writer of AMERICAN MASTERS Becoming Helen Keller.

2009 GALA BUDGET (as of Jan 2009)


Alexander Street Press $1,500

Midwest Tapes $500

Video Librarian $50

Ticket Sales 100@ $25 $2,500

TOTAL $4,750


Facility Rental $1,400

Damage Deposit $300 (returned after event)

Catering $2,500

Decorations/Tickets $125

TOTAL $4,025


Wine $6

Beer (imported & domestic) $6/$5

Soda $3.50/$2

Water/Perrier $3/$3.50

Coffee $1.75/$1.25

Tea $3

Expresso $3.25/$2.75

Topics to Discuss:



Chair: Lisbeth Goldberg


Topics to Discuss:


Webmaster: Eric Pasteur


Topics to Discuss:


Chair: Maureen Tripp


Topics to Discuss:

Notable Videos

Chair: Meghann Matwichuk


  • John Chrastka has been working with VRT Chair, Notables Chair, and Incoming Notables Chair to facilitate expanded publicity efforts with Macey Morales, ALA Press Officer. Macey will coordinate press availability during Midwinter and will assist with distribution of the Notables press release to library media. She will also attempt to facilitate announcement of the awards to the broader entertainment press. Other ideas are in the works to broaden publicity for the 2010 Notable Awards.
  • Nominations closed on October 1, 2008 with 46 nominated titles. Midwest Tapes graciously supplied DVDs of two titles for which routing copies could not be procured directly from the distributor.
  • The deliberation meeting at Midwinter will be on Sunday, January 25th from 8am - 5pm at the Denver Marriott City Center, Mattie Silks Room. This is an open meeting, but only Committee members are able to take part in deliberations.
  • Nora Dimmock has accepted the appointment to take over as chair following the 2009 Midwinter meeting. One Committee member resigned in the fall; it was too late in the year to bring in a replacement, so Notables proceeded as a Committee of eight. One Committee member will be resigning from her term a year early following this meeting. This means we will have four open Committee spots at the close of the January meeting (3 academic librarian positions and 1 public). Nora will send out a call for volunteers following Midwinter, and will make appointments in consultation with the VRT Chair.
  • Donated routing copies will be shipped to Mary Konkel for use as Gala doorprizes at Annual.

Topics to Discuss:

  • At Annual, Notables Committee members discussed the possibility of changing the name of the Committee / Award. The name favored by the Committee is “Notable Nonfiction Videos”, dropping the audience designation of “for Adults”. This was discussed at a subsequent virtual meeting in August, where Carleton recalled that the “for Adults” portion of the name was included to set us apart from the children’s and young adult awards. Concern was also expressed over the word “nonfiction”. Some commented that this word is primarily associated with books and is not a media-friendly term. Others noted that this might exclude animation and performance videos, which are included in our Criteria and Selection Procedures. The Committee will bring several possible names for to the Membership Meeting at Midwinter for discussion and voting.

Best Practices for Fair Use Working Group

Chair: Judith Thomas


Topics to Discuss:

Digital Video Discussion Group

Chair: Carleton Jackson


Topics to Discuss:


Chair: Carleton Jackson


Topics to Discuss:


Chair: Steve Brantley


Topics to Discuss: