VRT Special Committeee: Picturing America Working Group

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Statement of Purpose

Provided the ALA Public Programs Office with film recommendations to be included in a project by the National Endowment for the Humanities called "Picturing America." Through this program, about 60,000 schools and public libraries have received a core collection of American artwork - reproductions of 40 classic images. This special project was completed in January, 2010.

Committee Members

  • Monique Threatt (chair), Head, Media & Reserve Services, Herman B Wells Library, Indiana University.
  • Lindsay Anglin, Information Architect, Cisco Systems.
  • Linda Brus, Graduate of Wayne State University, MLIS
  • Nora Dimmock, Head, Multimedia Center, University of Rochester Libraries
  • Meghann Matwichuk, Associate Librarian, Instructional Media Collection Department, Univ. of DE Library
  • Danette Pachtner, Film and Video Librarian, Duke University

Topic Responsibility

  1. Picturing America: African Americans
    • Compiled by Monique Threatt
  2. Picturing America: American Indians
    • Compiled by Meghann Matwichuk
  3. Picturing America: Artists
    • Compiled by individual VRT members
  4. Picturing America: Founding Fathers
    • Compiled by Danette Pachtner
  5. Picturing America: Heroism
    • Compiled by Lindsay Anglin
  6. Picturing America: Industrialization
    • Compiled by Nora Dimmock
  7. Picturing America: Railroads
    • Compiled by Linda Brus